Queen of Pentacles – TAROT Guidance of the Week

The Tarot Guidance for the week of May 11, 2015 is from the Golden Botticelli Tarot by Atanas Alexandrov Atanassov

Queen of Pentacles

Groundedness, practicality, planning and strategy are the foci for this week. Strive to establish your pattern of self-sustaining success for the medium to long term. Make sure each step is doable and actionable, and will lead you to the achievement not just of your current goals but also the next. Continuity, consistency and reliability are the best virtues you need to fulfill your goals and reap the rewards.

Looking outwardly in the global community, an influential and wise woman who has a solid track record of accomplishments perhaps in government and politics or media and entertainment will catch the world’s attention this week. She will put across a fresh perspective on issues like the environment, women and children’s welfare, and governance with emphasis on “existing structures” that need remodelling based on the demands of the current times.

Economy will also take the world’s attention with news on medium to long term investments by financial organisations and governments applying more caution regarding interest rates, currency adjustments, unemployment and debts.

Billionaire philantropist(s) will continue to give intelligently to charitable causes that show short to medium-term results and promise of sustainability with focus on health and food production.

And perhaps a significant news from the Vatican.

Until the next time. Stay true. Live well. And remain victorious. This is Tarot Zamm.

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