Page of Swords

TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Reflection: Page of Swords

This card signifies a person who is lively and graceful, yet also cunning and vengeful. This person has abandoned the stability of home in favour of the Path through fire to illumination. There is an attitude of uncertainty and the possibility of return to past ways. Regain the soul’s desire by completing the psychological tasks set by one’s own destiny.

In many philosophies and beliefs, there are four classical elements that form the essential part of everything in our world. They are Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

The Sword represents the element of air.

Air represents our minds, intellect, ideas, dreams, hopes and imagination. The Page of Swords represents a youthful influence that will mature in time. When we draw the Page of Swords, we are reminded to be thankful of the gifts we have, such as the air we breathe that sustains life. Take away air and we perish in minutes. We need to be thankful of our minds and nurture it by pursuing knowledge and growing in wisdom. Take away our minds, we become nothing. So, we need to care and protect our minds as we are prone to worries, negative-thoughts and nightmares. We must focus on the positive aspects of our imagination. We can draw energy from our visualizations and be inspired to create wonderful dreams!

The Page of Swords also encourages us to find clarity, by looking at things in the most practical and logical manner. We need to communicate with clarity, to express what we truly think and feel. We are also reminded not to act on impulse and make decisions prematurely.

The Page of Swords also reminds us that some things are not bound to last. But though they are fleeting in nature, they bring us opportunities to learn and appreciate the pursuit of truth, to be honest, to be strong and be logical.

Welcome the Page of swords in your life with open arms. He may bring you challenges but they are a treasure trove of mental powers, wisdom and experience!

Take care and until the next time! Many blessings to you!