Page of Cups

TAROT Card of the day – TAROT Reflections: PAGE OF CUPS, PRINCESS OF CUPS

The little white book (LWB) describes the Page of Cups as a quiet, studious, imaginative person with a need to put down roots. The Page will combine all the knowledge he has gained and from which to take the next leap. He must also free emotions from more conflict to restore clarity.

The Page of Cups symbolises a new beginning – a new project, a new relationship, a new perspective, a new approach, a burst of creative energy and /or a beginning of a spiritual journey.

Early this month, I attended the Total Wellbeing Expo. It was a pretty busy weekend helping and guiding people for two days. I also met fellow spiritual practitioners. The two days were full-on, which made me realise that people do need intuitive and spiritual guidance. They need confirmation, affirmation or re-assurance or advice of caution about their concerns, the people they hold dear and their dealings with others.

These two days brought out the desire to be available to people not just on the weekends but constantly. Concerns don’t happen only on the weekends. They happen every day, and having a place for them to go to for guidance could also be a source of comfort.

I realise that this gift of being a TAROT guide was given for a purpose – and that is to be there for people, if needed. I can never say that I will be able to help everybody. But, knowing that I will always do my best helps me face this calling with faith.

Accepting this calling also led me to a new relationship with the Universe and me. It took many years to overcome my reluctance. It is not because I do not want to help, but I also believe it comes with great responsibility. I am not here to judge or be associated with any religion or sect. I am here merely to guide and help. Knowing, that people I guide become more focused, see things with clarity, find closure and are empowered to face life’s challenges, is very encouraging and gives me fulfillment and gladness.

This marks the start of a new path for me – a spiritual journey – that I hope will bring me closer to people and be able to show them that each of us is very special and important. I can never emphasize enough, that the Universe (the Creator, the Supreme Being, our Divine Father, the Benevolent Force or whoever the Centre of our faith is) cares for each of us deeply, and speaks to us in many ways – our intuition, our dreams, the TAROT, signs, our environment and of course, through the people around us. Just listen.

Take care! Many blessings to you!