Nine of Wands

TAROT Card of the Day: Nine of Wands

The little white book describes the Nine of Wands as “You are able to maintain control of your interests. Use discretion in any forthcoming adventure.”

TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Lesson

The wand represents our inner fire. It relates to our creativity, our passion, our life-force, our soul’s purpose, and the challenges we face in stoking this fire.

The Nine of Wands seems to be a daunting card, surrounded by issues and challenges. It depicts a person standing and pushed to a wall of wands. Each wand standing behind the person signifies the challenges he had overcome. The remaining wand held by the figure signifies another challenge at hand, that once completed, would reward him with the peace or respite he has been badly longing for. The person in the card seems fatigued and injured but is still stubbornly standing tall. We do not see him with his head bowed down. He glimpses at the wands that are firmly planted on the ground. With all the wisdom, mastery and principles behind previous successes, the eight standing wands signify a swift resolution to the remaining challenge at hand.

The eight standing wands also become the protection from forces that would attack from behind. With these wands, vulnerability from surprises is greatly diminished. Steadfastness and vigilance is rife, complemented with the enabling influences of intent and focus.

With the Connolly TAROT, the Nine of Wands have eight wands equally distributed and planted by the side of the person. This symbolises strength and protection. They are strategically placed by the side, so it will be easier to see, grasp, and collect, when the need arises. It saves time and effort, which the eight of wands actually signifies (speed and swiftness) The wands are bound by a sash or ribbon, signifying that no challenge is too hard for us anymore. We have overcome.  We are stronger and wiser. Their placement on the sides that seems to represent a gate or a point of entry conveys that with one step, we will be crossing over to a more secure and peaceful place.

The Nine of Wands advises us to find our strength, to be patient and have faith. We need to believe that we will prevail. We also need to understand that the challenges we face are means to hone our gifts, our virtues and character. These challenges are just “spiritual-workouts” for us. The Nine of Wands assures us that we will never be given any challenge that we are not equipped to overcome.  We already have the necessary tools, wisdom, and experiences to do so.

Oftentimes when we feel tired, we ask the Universe when it is ever going to stop, and when can we finally rest and enjoy. During these times that we draw The Nine of Wands, the Universe tells us that we are very special. We have been chosen to hone and polish our gifts for a greater calling, which will help us complete our soul’s purpose. The challenges give us the strength, and test our resilience to follow through. It makes our environment and circumstances conducive for spiritual growth. It also gives us a an opportunity to see with our spiritual eyes and understand why we have them in our lives.

Most special of all, the Nine of Wands gives us assurance that we are never alone, even when we think and feel we have been forgotten or abandoned by the Universe. In all these times, the Universes’ attention is specially focused on us, training us, equipping us and delivering us to victory.

What an honour and privilege to receive the Nine of Wands into our lives!

Take care and until the next time! Many blessings to you!