Nine of Pentacles

TAROT Card of the Day: Nine of Pentacles

The COMPANION BOOK describes the Nine of Pentacles as: Success brings the good things in life. You may receive a windfall or some other form of unearned income, or you may have reached a stage where you no longer need to work to earn a living. This card can also symbolise luxuries, hobbies and pleasures. Generally this card indicates a productive, active and settled life, which is self-assured and spiritually aware.

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Nine of Pentacles – Druidcraft TAROT

TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Lesson:
The Nine of Pentacles signifies the completion of a cycle. It reminds us of the journey and the efforts we have put into it that brought us to the the place and position, which we are now in. It represents the culmination of a long period of hard work, consistency, determination, spiritual strength, the drive and level-headedness that we have so maintained, through out this journey.

The Nine of Pentacles is a message from the Universe assuring us that our time is now, and our rewards are at hand. We have worked hard for, earned and truly deserve them. This does not only pertain to financial and material security but also to our total well being which is that of the mind, body and spirit. It means stability and abundance in the areas of our lives we have been working on is finally attained, and will remain so for a long time. The energy of the Nine of Pentacles is steady and consistent – never fleeting or temperamental.

The Nine of Pentacles also signifies the lessons and wisdom we have acquired through this completed cycle, and our need to keep them close at hand, as we will definitely have use for them in our next quest.
The Nine of Pentacles also highlights the need to be able to acknowledge the different times and seasons in our life and be able to harness them – the time to plant the seeds, to nurture them, to protect them from the elements and to harvest. In acknowledging these times, we are able to focus on the different stages of the journey. It gives us focus and we also look forward to the next phase. This, in general, gives us the inspiration to keep at the tasks and complete each of them. And surely, when the harvest comes, there is also time to stock up the barn and not be wasteful, and to celebrate and share our blessings. This affords us the enjoyment of our accomplishments, as well as reflect on the completed journey – remembering each stop and road that lead to success.

As we can see, although the Nine of Pentacles is about the completion of a cycle, it does not end our pursuit of further development and growth. If we stick with the essence of the Nine of Pentacles, in acknowledging the seasons, then we have a better certainty of repeating our successes many times. The energy of the Nine of Pentacles will become so ingrained in us, and so natural, that the next step towards perfection – the Ten of Pentacles – will also come so naturally.

The Nine of Pentacles also reminds us about the process of fruition. All our accomplishments were done through consistent effort, dedication and diligence, leaving no room for mistakes brought about by impulsiveness, immaturity and indecision. The Nine of Pentacles is a very strong, grounding and stable energy. It is always a blessing to have this kind of energy in our lives. It is but natural to want to keep it, and so we must constantly work to achieve this.

When we draw the Nine of Pentacles in a TAROT reading, we need to be happy and at peace – knowing that we have pursued the right path; we have persevered; we have arrived, and our rewards are at hand.

TAROT Card Meaning: Nine of Pentacles