Manga Tarot

Manga Tarot – Tarot deck card-by-card feature by Tarot Zamm

By (author) Riccardo Minetti , Illustrated by Anna Lazzarini

The Boundary-Busting Tarot with an Asian Flair

One of the most popular modern styles of art, important from Japan, is known as manga. It grew up on Asian comic books and features bursts of color combined with passionate characters. In The Manga Tarot, this use of art perfectly captures the essence of the traditional Tarot, making it ideal for all Tarot readers and ideal for so many people entranced by the manga style. But that’s only the beginning.

The Manga Tarot challenges you with exciting and new color schemes and a fantastic gender inversion: cards usually featuring men have women and vice versa. This plays with the Eastern idea of Yin/Yang and of the idea that all people?and archetypes?have masculine and feminine qualities. It will help you bust through any pre-conceived beliefs and help you develop astounding new interpretations that transcend anything you’ve done before! The Chinese letters printed on the cards, representing seasons associated with suits, returns the aura of mystery and otherworldliness that the Tarot once had, and helps put the real magick back into all of your readings. The accompanying booklet explains the inner meanings of each card and provides a relationship-focused reading that you can use right away.

If you love manga and anime art or are entranced by all things from the mystic Far East, or if you just want a new Tarot deck that will open your mind to new potentials and possibilities within a familiar and friendly format, this is the deck you need to use every day.

Dimensions 68 x 124 x 30mm | 240g
Publication date 15 Mar 2013
Publisher Lo Scarabeo
Publication City/Country Torino, Italy
Language English
ISBN10 8865272279
ISBN13 9788865272275

MangaTarot – Tarot deck card-by-card feature by Tarot Zamm.

An customer review:
5.0 out of 5 stars by Christina Waterson on September 5, 2012
Outstanding Deck!!
The booklet that comes with the deck is useless, so just toss it. This is a deck that truly needs no book to tell the reader what the cards are saying. That’s how perfectly the beautiful illustrations are for each of the cards. This deck is a masterpiece for the artwork. Not only does the art score big in the critical eyes of another artist, each card is illustrated in a way that the reader has a basic meaning to go with along with other meanings using the multitude of props and scenery bits in each one. Never have I had a more versatile deck than this. It does everything I need and more. I’ve even had it do double readings, the same cards reading for two different people present at the reading using entirely different meanings for the cards laid out on the table! This is the ONLY deck I have ever had that is capable of doing that much. What’s more, besides being the ultimate workhorse, this deck is easy for my clients to understand on sight regardless of how familiar they are with tarot. My work is merely taking the images we both see and turning them into words that fully explain what is being shown. Again, no other deck I have makes my job as the reader that easy and efficient!!! Believe me, for being a collector, I have quite a few decks to choose from by now.

This is the perfect deck for a newer reader. Over the course of the first year of it’s use when they are learning it’s unique language, it will teach them that and more about the art of tarot reading.

This was actually the SECOND time I have ordered this deck. My first one served me well for 5 years before a doggy tail killed it with a can of coca-cola. I wasted no time going online and ordering another identical deck to use while my other deck gets retired to a place of honor in my spirit shrine. rating and review:
Manga Tarot by Riccardo Minetti, Anna Lazzarini (Illustrator)
really liked it 4.0 · Rating Details · 4 Ratings · 0 Reviews