TAROT Card of the Day: Justice XI

The companion book describes Justice XI as “Finding this TAROT card in your reading suggests that it is time to make a decision, or a choice, but not out of reaction. Instead, think of the objectivity that the Hermit can bring you and the sense of the patterns and cycle of life that The Wheel can provide. Remember, all things have their season, and your task is to act with honesty and integrity demanded by Justice. This may mean that you are called on to be true to yourself – to your own nature.”

Justice – Rider Waite from Wikipedia.com

TAROT Card of the Day- TAROTLesson:

The Druidcraft Justice TAROT card reminds me of the Queen of Swords. Both TAROTcards involve decision making, where the Queen of Swords represents sorting out and analysing the facts, to have a clearer understanding of the issue concerned. Justice however, calls us to action, to finally hand out the “verdict,” which could be one thing that we have been trying to avoid. There is an urgency to make a decision now. A decision that is not easy to make, and could affect us and the people around us for the long-term.

The owl beside the lady holding the sword and scale signifies wisdom, and the ability to “see even in the darkest night.” This ability signifies being able to remove emotions that could cloud our decision, to seek the truth with all our hearts to uncover everything there is to know. Wisdom, also signified by the owl, is had through the lessons we learn from our own and even other people’s past experiences.

The owl also reassures us that the Universe is watching over us, while we remain asleep from the truth and figure out the path we need to take. But soon, this owl, with its hooting, will awaken us to the valuable lessons learned from each decision we make.

The slab of stones the lady sits on signifies the unwavering strength required to make such decision.
• We must maintain a very clear thought process, free from prejudices and selfishness.
• We must gather all solid supporting details to explain our arguments or the position we are in.
• We need to be true to the purpose and reason for our decision.
• Most of all, we need to remain fair for all concerned, no matter what the outcome maybe.

The clouds hovering in the background could signify our doubts, and the unwillingness to pursue the truth for fear of what we may discover. In knowing the right questions to ask, we are lead to the right answers. Once we have them (questions and answers), we then come to a position of strength to help us arrive at a strong and wise decision.