The Chariot

The Chariot- Tarot Weekly Reminder

The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by The Chariot.

When we are functioning optimally, the energies it represents are focus, drive, momentum, certainty, and the enjoyment and tenacity in manoeuvering life’s journey.

When we are weaker than usual in mind, body and spirit, then we may encounter being conflicted, spreading ourself too thin, ruthlessness in achieving goals or being trampled by this.

In this regard, we must be particular and certain about our goals and the steps we need to take to get there. This will minimise the tendency of being ensnared by the many distractions that surround us, and wasting limited precious resources we may have. We need to be tenacious in guarding our focus, lest we fall prey to procrastination, lack of momentum and direction.

The Chariot also reminds us that it is not all about victories that define success. Success can also be defined by what we learn from our experiences. It can also be about helping those who are in need that we meet along the way, and winning allies in the process.

It is foolish to be ruthless and ignorant of the people and influences that may bring us to our victory. It is equally foolish to allow others to trample upon us in their pursuit of victory.

Being clear about what we want, where we want to be and how we can be, can certainly give us the space and confidence to enjoy our journey in getting there.

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Until next week, many blessings to you all! This is TAROT Zamm.

The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by The Chariot – by Tarot Zamm.