Kat - The very first guardian of the Tarot

Tarot reading for the 21st century

Tarot card reading for fortune-telling or occultism? That is so 18th century! The 15th-century aristocracy of Italy originally commissioned artists to design and create the Tarot for games and amusement – to play this bridge-like card game called tarocchi. The major arcana (a subset of a Tarot deck) could have been designed to add more flare in the visual of …

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Intuition by Zamm Zamudio

Zamm’s debut book ‘Intuition’ recognised

Wellingtonian author Zamm Zamudio’s debut book – ‘Intuition: Discover the Inner Workings of Our World Book 1’ – was awarded the 5th place at the recently concluded 2018 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Awards. The awards ceremony was held at the Hopetoun Alpha, 19 Beresford Square, Auckland Central.