BREXIT for the EU and the UK by Tarot Zamm

What we need to know

 The consequences we need to know about BREXIT for the EU and the UK by Tarot Zamm
The consequences we need to know about BREXIT for the EU and the UK by Tarot Zamm

BREXIT for the EU
The Star
The EU’s hope for a solid, strong and dynamic alliance for the region is signified by The Star. As, we already know, the UK leaving the EU now serves as a wake-up call to do better for its remaining member countries. It’s time to look back at the motivations and intentions behind the formation of the EU and assess how it needs to be adjusted according to what the current times require. It is in fact back to the drawing board to rejuvenate and fortify the EU’s objectives for the progress of its member countries/states.

The Tower
The Tower signifies destruction and rebuilding. The UK leaving the EU is an integral reference point to how the necessary structures / policies should be removed and replaced by better ones. This will result in firmer stance with “pain in the bum” or “offending” member states. It wouldn’t be surprising if there will be new policies put in place that requires everyone to pull their weight. Failure to do so would result in “expulsion” or tougher “admonitions.”

In the same token, countries who can contribute and strengthen the EU’s position would be welcomed with open arms. The UK leaving the EU is actually a blessing and a catalyst for destroying the outdated status quo.

The Six of Wands
The Six of Wands is Victory for the EU. It will be a tough period of re-assessment for the EU, which can be likened to a hard fought battle. Strategies, resources, numbers, goals and loyalties will all come to play. Loyalties not just among the members but around the world will rally behind EU.

Consistent with the Tower, BREXIT is the harbinger of change and victory in the EU. It wouldn’t be surprising to have new members admitted to strengthen the influence, reform the vision, pool and replenish resources, and share the burden of the region.

The Five of Cups
There is no sense in crying over spilled milk. It is just a waste of time and energy. Hence, we will see the the EU immediately getting back to the business of rebuilding and expanding. The EU will learn and improve the use of its resources and spread the burden of the current world issues among its member to soften the impact.

The EU will be more appreciative of what it has and will be able to make them work optimally, from now on.

The Five of Cups also signifies the tendency of another member state leaving the EU as part of the change (could this partly be Ireland?).

BREXIT for the UK
The Five of Swords
The UK’s challenge is to have a very clear picture of what they hope to achieve in the next two to five years. It is only now that the extent of the potential impact are being identified.

The energies and influence around this time are very flippant. Things that are going great can easily spiral down, and things that look so bad can easily bounce back. So a clear, transparent, objective and decisive strategies put in place are imperative.

The Devil
The Devil signifies bondage and fighting ones demons. The UK thought that leaving the EU will somehow break the “chains” that had stunted its growth. Well they are right, and it will bite them back and hard.

Could it be that those who wanted to leave failed to realise that the “chain” wasn’t necessarily caused by the EU but by oppressive and impulsive political rivalry. Or could it be that the people behind BREXIT really wanted to also break “the chains” linking them to Scotland and Ireland? Regardless, the people will suffer for it.

In fact, “breaking the chains” could actually isolate The UK. It could find itself shrink to just England and Wales.

Judgement signifies an event that has definitely more going on than what appears or what is understood.

BREXIT was meant to happen. It is a catalyst and a strong calling. It was a move that was thought to be what was best at the time. It is indeed a historic moment that will influence the UK for as long as it exists.

BREXIT has a karmic signature to it in a way where the UK is no more. It’ll be how it was centuries ago, sans Scotland and Ireland. The Judgment card signifies it is the right time for everything that has happened and will happen. There is something greater happening here than just the decision of the people and government.

Page of Cups
Harmony is very important within the government . It will be a challenge for politicians to work together, but they must find a way to unite in order for the UK, or what will be left of it, to stand on its feet again.

The UK has to stand by the realisation that there is no alternative but to man-up to its decision.

It will have to “woo” or “court” the countries it wants to work and trade with. This can be compared to new relationships, being built from scratch. It’ll be tough for awhile, and we don’t know yet to what extent.