Ace of Swords

TAROT Card of the day – TAROT Reflections: Ace of Swords

The little white book (LWB) describes the Ace of Swords as; “Your mind is always active. Instead of allowing it to roam among random thoughts, take some time to direct your mental energy toward your personal growth. The challenging sword of your will can be used for both good and evil purposes. Which will you choose?”

These days, we always equate everything with convenience, including issues arising from our daily lives. We always keep up-to-date with gadgets and appliances. If we don’t find things convenient, we discard them, including relationships. Hence we find estrangements everywhere, more than ever. Our world has become a world of convenience and waste. We are living in a world full of influences that distract us from growth.

However, in spite of these distractions, our soul will always feel that longing for the one-true love we hope to find and spend the rest of our life with, our soul mate or twin flame; and be in search of the meaning and purpose of our life.

Looking at the Ace of Swords, we see the person travelling the path that has been laid. He leaves behind the cloud of doubt. We see the rain from that cloud watering the plants; this could represent his experiences, which made him who he is. He remembers the lessons he had learned. He channels the good from those experiences, which allow him to journey with purpose and intent. He knows where he is heading, even if he cannot see the end of the road. He holds his sword of clarity, focus and fortitude, which will protect and keep him on his quest. The bird symbolises his spirit that is soaring and free.

We need to quieten our minds and listen. We must call upon the gifts that we have forgotten – of clarity, focus and fortitude that came with our creation. We need to muster them and use them positively to perpetuate growth – be it emotional, intellectual or spiritual.

Take care! Many blessings to you!