Ace of Cups

TAROT Card of the day: Ace of Cups

The little white book describes the ACE OF CUPS as “The beginning of all good things, LOVE, joy and health.”

 TAROTCard of the day – TAROT Lesson

The Ace of Cups reminds us how profoundly and optimistically disturbing it is that each of us is borne of LOVE. We cannot be without LOVE. We were made to LOVE and be LOVED.

LOVE is natural, as natural as life. The Universe has gifted us with LOVE from the day we were born. We come as a bundle of joy – brimming with life, hope, promise, warmth, and magic. We convey this to our parents as soon as they set eyes on our faces. And they instinctively LOVE us back – caring for us; protecting us with their lives; and helping us in every way to fulfill our potential.

But it doesn’t stop there, we reciprocate.

We strive to find our own way so we do not become a burden to them, and instead be a source of pride and fulfilment. We always long for their approval in our pursuits of success. This is the nature of LOVE, ideally. We acknowledge and honour it, by giving back when it is given to us. This is how LOVE remains strong and real.

However, for many reasons, this doesn’t happen all the time. We lose our way. We get sidetracked. We forget how natural LOVE is and spend most of our adult life in search of it. We look everywhere. We read many books and articles about how to find and attract it.

When it comes, we quickly forget how precious and beautiful it is. We get easily get use to it and take it for granted. We become complacent and lazy towards it. We stagnate and before we know it, LOVE is gone. LOVE is increasingly rarer these days. It will be very stupid of us to treat it with such thoughtlessness and squander.

When we are the recipient of LOVE, it is in our best interest to respect and nurture it. When we are the giver of LOVE, we must accept its nature that we cannot choose who we bestow it upon. LOVE chooses us. In saying so, both giver and receiver need to commit to developing LOVE continuously, so it will stay.
When we draw the Ace of Cups, it signifies a new phase in our life where LOVE is borne to us, once again. We must embrace it and be truly thankful for it.

LOVE manifests itself in many forms:
• in the dawning of a relationship we have always hoped for,
• in gaining the confidence and strength to LOVE and accept ourselves,
• with the time to let go and forgive,
• with the gift of being able to feel our connection to the Divine.

The Ace of Cups heralds the benevolence and generosity of the Universe, in giving us this much desired “next-chance in LOVE”. S0 generous is the gift of LOVE, that it comes full of promise in every form positively imaginable and expressible. The energy of LOVE is so full and potent that it directs us to the path of fulfilling all our potentials.

How do we find LOVE and make it stay?

Firstly, we must LOVE out of LOVE and NOT out of need! We often seek LOVE out of need. LOVE that comes in times of need leaves when the need is fulfilled, because this kind of LOVE will go where it is next needed.

It is challenging to find happiness and completeness, within ourselves, but when we do, the LOVE that comes stays – to bless and solidify them (happiness and completeness). This kind of LOVE stays because it cherishes the rarity it is invited.

Forgiveness also paves the way for LOVE to come into our life. LOVE cannot co-exist with anger and bitterness. We can only start to forgive when we have rid ourselves of those two poisons. It is not just to forgive others, but also to forgive ourselves. When we do, we plant the seeds and start with a clean slate, which LOVE finds attractive and ideal to flourish.

LOVE needs to abound within us first, to see and appreciate it in all its glory with another.

Remember, LOVE can never be coerced. It is a gift. It is a blessing. It comes on its own accord. It chooses us.

Plant the seeds. Forgive. Pave the way. Very soon, LOVE will be here.

Take care and until the next time! Many blessings to you!