2013 Forecast Year of the Black Snake

2013 Forecast Year of the Black Snake

The Chinese 2013 horoscope shows us that this 2013 year of the black Snake is going to be an exciting year for many. There will of course be both ups and downs, and for some the ups will be quite high and the downs will be quite low. For everyone, there will be good and bad and highlights and lowlights.What the Chinese 2013 horoscope can show us is not exactly what will happen this 2013 year, but the types of emotions that each Chinese horoscope sign is likely to go through. Once you know what to expect, you can do a better job of preparing for each situation. For example, when the Rat knows that they’ll have an emotional 2013 year, then they can keep this in mind. As certain situations arise they can take a step back and remember that it might not be as serious as they thought it would be.Some in 2013 year of Snake are already involved in relationships, and the Chinese 2013 horoscope can show them how to proceed. Maybe it’s time for something new – and remember that this doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily time for a new relationship. It may mean that, but it could also mean that it’s time to spice things up and remember why you’re with your partner. Some signs who are already partnered will see themselves getting even closer.


Of course some zodiac signs are single and 2013 year of the black Snake can bring them news as well. This could come in many shapes and sizes. For example, perhaps you spend too much time waiting for the perfect someone to come along. Maybe it’s time for you to relax and realize that being alone is what you need right now. This can help you to stop focusing so much on relationships and focus more on yourself. In many cases, becoming comfortable on your own could end up leading you to the love of your life.

There are many signs who will be single at the outset of the year of Snake but who can see through their Chinese 2013 horoscope that they’ll find a partner this year. Their horoscope can help to remind them that it’s true there will be a wonderful beginning that’s often called the honeymoon, where their partner seems perfect and beyond compare. Of course the real world will slip in and they must be prepared to make adjustments when necessary.

Careers are important and some zodiac signs this 2013 year of the Snake will see themselves go back to school to get a better handle on their current career or to start a new one. Others will see their current career finally take off, thanks to hard work. Of course Chinese 2013 horoscope will show some that their careers will be less than satisfactory this year but there is hope in the future.

No matter what your specific 2013 horoscope says about you, remember that the important advice you see could change your life forever. If you’re open to the ancient secrets of Chinese astrology, then you could get the answers the universe is trying to send you. Learn more about your specific sign and prepare yourself for the future.

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2013 horoscope, sun signs horoscope for 2013 year of the black Snake.

2013 year of the black Snake is an opportunity to get disciplined. From the beginning of 2013 year the planet Saturn, ruler of hard work and solid progress is in harmonious relationship with important planets therefore the 2013 horoscope promises that you will have the focus and Discipline to get things done. Slow and steady wins the race. Jupiter puts the pressure on to expand your relationships, possibly friction in this area could force spontaneous growth. Most growth is good growth. 2013 there are significant planetary aspects in place to insure deep level transformation.Saturn is in high focus in this 2013 horoscopes chart. Saturn used to be viewed as the bearer of burdens. In many ways that is true because when Saturn is influencing we get an opportunity to grow up. We take on responsibility, harness inner discipline and meet the requirements. Saturn can be regiment and routine, all work and no play. Saturn is shining brightly when we fear ageing, sickness and loss of control. It is when Saturn is in the house that we enter darkness, feel hopeless and lonely and worthless- It is under Saturn’s rule that we feel the very worst we can possibly feel, it is here that we understand what it is to be unlovable.Luckily, Saturn is in harmonious relationships this 2013 year of the Snake. Mercury, planet of communications; Neptune, our connection to the cosmic whole; and Chiron, the wounded healer are all Trine Saturn. The Trine is a supportive aspect, an aspect of past earned easy situations. A blessing, also known as Grace. Saturn in relationship to Mercury will have to do with something being communicated, a message must be delivered and now you have the staying power to commit to whatever needs expressing. Mercury is also fused with Neptune, this could give a spiritual leaning to communications. Maybe you suddenly receive contact with your spirit guide, or guardian Angel. Once contact is made conscious there is often messages in how to clean up your life. Your guides will explain necessary changes in diet, maybe you need Yoga or hiking, dance classes or chanting. These changes, which seem to take discipline will ultimately strengthen you. Your fears will dissolve as you put in motion healing routines. This is the handy work of Saturn, this new found ambition to greatness will inspire you to be all you can be, and provide you with the follow through to actually achieve your goals.

The conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in 2013 year of Snake may create visionary ideas, grand images of beauty and healing. On the other hand, this same aspect could create real confusion for those who like things to be clear and precise. Neptune is a dreamy planet, it rules our longing to connect back to where we came from, this can provoke us to seek out healthy ways of connecting with the Source, or it can cause the desire to escape the rigors of reality. Keep focused on the positive realms; meditate, write, draw, paint, sing, dance. These are real world things you can do to make the real world better without harming yourself with drugs, alcohol, questionable food, gambling, TV. Now you are actually able to harness the power to make changes that support your life. With Neptune and Mercury you may have a great work of art inside that needs to get out. The 2013 year is time to connect with the right brain, time to connect with your inner artist or mystic.

Also according to 2013 horoscope the Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion is in a difficult aspect to the very same planets the Saturn is in harmony with. Jupiter wants to expand in leaps and bounds but will likely feel frustrated in the now. A friction within could cause part of you to rebel against all the discipline you are welcoming into your life. Jupiter wants to get there without the effort but Saturn is in the winning position. And effort is what Saturn is all about. One foot in front of the other, a thousand mile journey begins with just one step effort. Jupiter wants magic wands and puffs of smoke to transport you to your new higher level reality. Saturn says,”slow and steady wins the race”, Jupiter says “what about the law of least effort?” Saturns says: ” there’s no such thing”. This wavering within can cause stress. Try to recognize what is happening. All the stress is helping you grow up, no matter what your age, your life could use a little refinement.

Pluto, the planet of deep inner purging and miraculous transformation during 2013 year of the Snake is in a stressful aspect to action planet Mars and rebel game changer Uranus. This could create some pretty brutal battles. Luckily all these planets combined in 2013 horoscope want to get things done. All of them want change. It’s just that their methods vary. Pluto exposes what is hidden through a deep revealing of subconscious material. Slowly we begin to see the reasons for things, we understand the root cause of some dysfunction. With Pluto in Capricorn it’s likely that the institutions of society will be exposed, darker purposes will be revealed. Maybe it becomes common knowledge the school was created as a way to brainwash the young- a way to instill values of very little human value. Or perhaps the damage the pharmaceutical companies are doing to our children with vaccines will be revealed through undeniable evidence. The dark forces that have ruled unhindered in the past are now being exposed. We humans are waking up, starting to smell the coffee. Uranus likes to shake us out of false realities with sudden shocks- lightning bolt change can occur when Uranus comes out to play. Out of the blue realizations create major change. Mars is just itching to go through all this. It makes for super tense times. We as earthlings are going through pivotal transformation. We can play along and contribute our efforts to a better more enlightened world or we can dig our heels in and refuse to roll with it. The head in the sand approach won’t work, it is our resistance that makes things difficult, acceptance will get us where we want to go.

Chiron is an asteroid that has significant impact on our wounded selves. With Chiron’s involvement in many aspects of 2013 horoscope it is probable that this 2013 year of Snake will expose what is wounded within. All the parts of humanity that have been hurt can rise up for recognition, and acknowledgment. Sometimes all it takes to release inner pain is to see it. Our awareness of it is the beginning of the release of it. We need to release the past and this year will be very effective in achieving that. The 2013 year of the black Snake may not be easy, but it will be healing and highly productive. To make the most of it embrace the changes and open your heart to the new.

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